Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: September 21, 2020


This week’s portion of Haazinu Deuteronomy 32:1-32:52, contains the song mentioned in last week’s portion, which God told Moses to teach the Children of Israel so they would always understand the consequences of their actions. It ends with Moses preparing to die before the people cross into the Promised Land.

Topic 1: God’s Kindness to Israel

The song of Moses begins by calling on the heavens and the earth to bear witness to the teachings within. Moses describes God’s greatness in detail. Unlike His children, God is not corrupt. He is perfect and His works are perfect. He is Father and Master to the universe, He created and formed the whole… Read More »

Topic 2: Israel’s Ingratitude and God’s Wrath

In contrast to God’s steadfastness, Israel, Moses predicts, will become accustomed to God’s blessings and rebel. The nation will abandon God’s ways and provoke Him with idolatry. Then God will hide His face and cease to offer His protection for the threats of the outside world. Famine, suffering and war will besiege the people. … Read More »

Topic 3: Moses Prepares for Death

When Moses finishes his song, which he sang with Joshua, he instructs the people to take heed of everything he has said and to teach it their children. It is with these lessons that the people will cross the Jordan, and they will keep the nation prosperous in the land. God then tells Moses… Read More »

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