Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: August 23, 2019

photo credit: YORAM RAANAN

In this Shabbat’s weekly Torah portion RE’EH Deuteronomy 11:26-16:17,  focuses on changes which will take place upon the people’s entry into Israel. First, they are told to wipe out all forms of idolatry which remain from the land’s previous inhabitants. They are then told God will set aside a special place for them to serve Him. Moses tells the people how to deal with deceitful people who will try to lead the nation astray from God. He reminds the people of the laws of kosher animals and teaches them about certain tithes. He reiterates certain aspects of the shmitta year and the pilgrimage holidays.

Topic 1: The Do’s and Don’ts of Worshipping God
The portion opens with a blessing and a curse, the former which the people will receive if they follow God’s commands and the latter which will be visited upon them should they disobey. Moses tells the people that when they enter the land, they will stand upon two mountains, Gerizim and Ebal. There they shall… Read More »

Topic 2: Traps and Snares
Moses now describes a number of circumstances in which he warns the people not to be led astray. First, he warns the people not to fall prey to a deceitful prophet. Even if the signs a prophet sets come true, if he preaches against following God’s word, he is not to be believed. Instead, he… Read More »

Topic 3: Kosher Animals
Moses tells the people that as children of God, they may not inflict wounds upon themselves or tear out their hair as signs of mourning. Then, he reminds them of the need to eat only kosher animals. Moses lists several animals which are known to be kosher, adding that those with split hooves and chew… Read More »

Topic 4: Tithes and Shmitta
Since the people will be entering the Land of Israel imminently, Moses details several laws related to farming that the people will need to observe. He begins with the laws of tithes. Moses tells the people that they must separate a tenth of their produce each year to eat in the place which God… Read More »

Topic 5: Pilgrimage Holidays
In keeping with the theme of travelling to Jerusalem, Moses now brings up the three pilgrimage holidays. These three holidays are unique in as much as the people are commanded to come to Jerusalem in person to celebrate. Not only that, they must not arrive empty-handed. For each holiday, the males of the household must… Read More »

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