Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: September 27, 2019

This Shabbat’s weekly Torah portion Vayelech Deuteronomy 31:1-30, tells of Moses passing the torch onto Joshua. He tells the people that Joshua will lead them into the land of Israel, and offers Joshua words of encouragement. God does likewise. Also in the portion, God tells Moses to record a song which the Children of Israel will learn, so they never forget that any suffering they experience is the result of their own actions.

Topic 1: Some Last-Minute Arrangements
As Moses prepares for his own death, he reminds the people that he will not be leading them into the Promised Land; rather, God will go before them and Joshua will be His representative. Moses tells them God will wipe out their enemies, just as he did with Sihon and Og. He then addresses… Read More »

Topic 2: God Addresses Moses and Joshua
God tells Moses to call Joshua forth, so that He may address him. The two stand before God at the tent of meeting, and He tells Moses that upon his death, the people will stray towards idolatry. God will punish them by hiding His presence, allowing evil to befall them. The people will say it… Read More »

Topic 3: Moses Charges the Levites
The Torah then returns to Moses’s instructions to the Levites regarding the Torah he has recorded. He commands them to lay it by the Ark of the Covenant, where it should serve as witness. He reminds them that they have been rebellious during his lifetime, and he has no reason not to anticipate their continued… Read More »

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