We are very excited here in Israel. (Truthfully, I don’t remember any time in my 36 years here that that sentence wasn’t true!:-)

Specifically, this week are the Israeli Elections, which the media is reporting will be a close race, and of course the solar eclipse this Friday as part of the Blood Moons we are in the midst of. See here for an initial article about this phenomenon.

We are all set to pray Isaiah 11:9 at 12:18 Friday afternoon here in Jerusalem. (Check here for your local time.)

Why Isaiah 11:9? Here is a short video lesson that gives a hint about that.

Please add your comments and share this message with your friends! This is a once in a lifetime – once in a hundred millennia! – opportunity to connect with God and His plans for the Jewish People and the entire world!


17 thoughts on “What Isaiah 11:9 means to me”

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    So looking forward to lesson 3! (You have a typo above… mentioning Isaiah 9:11 instead of 11:9)

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      I, (Bob) also mistyped 11:9 one of the drafts of last week’s press release. Everyone including me missed it except a reporter – thank you Lord for his sharp eyes! For sure the reason Gidon and I keep making this error must stem from how ingrained in our thinking is the 9/11 event.

      That said, I’ve mused to myself a couple times that Gidon’s selection of 11:9 could be more than a coincidence. Let me explain. If he had picked Isaiah 9:11, then we could all think 9-11. But when I think 11-9, I think about 9/11 in reverse; that is to say that perhaps God wants us to think about this Solar Eclipse not as something negative from Him, but positive. Perhaps God prefers us to consider the positive aspects of his move on the earth, where possible, which is the opposite of where I (we) often default. In a recent article, for instance, http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/32775/christians-look-to-torah-portion-to-prove-solar-eclipse-is-the-shadow-of-god-biblical-zionism/#Z8MjCqdRWXVE2Ud5.97 about this week’s Torah portion, the use of the term ‘shadow’ by God in that passage is very positive, even Messianic. Blessings to you Kim. I bet you never expected such a long post to an errata fix. 🙂

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        I am humbled by your very valid reply. Thank you for inspiring further study Bob O’Dell and Gidon Ariel. Bezalel! Wow, so much to learn. I came to realize that Rabbinical perspectives are vital to understanding biblical truths when stumbling onto IFCJ (Rabbi Eckstein) some years ago. (Who’s March 16 perspective is stirring). Thank you for this Root-Source site. Blessings to all involved. I will be praying Isaiah 11:9 during the eclipse.

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    Thank you for your ministry. I’m very happy to have been directed to your site by Israel365 … looking forward to further ‘lessons’

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    Jill Robertson

    I love receiving Israel 365 teachings. In New Zealand the solar eclipse will be our thursday night [I think 9.18pm because we are on daylight saving for the summer, and timewise are ahead of Britain and Israel] We won’t see the sun downunder anyway, but can still pray Isaiah 11:9 our time, to link with you at the same timeframe. God bless and love from NZ.

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    Jill Robertson

    Gee I can’t get my head around the time clock ‘cos it’s now wednesday night in NZ, so will ask my Israeli friend I see tomorrow what time is it in Israel. That’ll make a more accurate time frame to know when to pray at your friday 20th time. Downunder!

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    It’s 9.18pm here in Eastern Australia and NZ is 2hrs ahead so yes I would check the times.
    Thank you for these great teachings.

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    Ar first I thought I had been added to too many groups. Now I pray to be added to more so I can keep sharing Root-Source. Great clarity and wisdom. The delivery is also very soothing…one loves hearing the words shared in your wholesome and engaging voices. Praying Root-Source goes viral and keeps growing.

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    Gidon, could you teach on “how Messiah judges using smell”? Could you teach on Messianic scriptures? I was amazed as I listened to your teaching here how vast the understanding is when one does not know Hebrew! Yes, I want much more of this..Thank you..I love what you are giving here, and deeply appreciate you.

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    Tharani Rajasekaran

    I thank God for root-source which is God sent for me in India. Credit goes to Breaking Israel News. “Maranatha”

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      I will send your comment to them! Thanks and so glad to have you here! Because we are only in English, it is wonderful that so many from India write and speak excellent English.

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