What is Root Source?

Today, more and more Christians and Jews are hearing the divine call to wake up and engage with one another.

Root Source is answering that call: Knowledgeable, Orthodox Israeli Jews teaching Christians around the world online about Jewish concepts, ideas and thought, to more deeply understand the roots of their faith, in an informal and loving manner.

Root Source exists to enable, encourage, and enrich relationships between pro-Israel Christians and Jews on a basis of mutual respect and love. We bring knowledgeable, authentic Israeli teachers and inquisitive Christians together to study the Jewish texts foundational to Christian faith together.

Root Source enables and encourages dialogue and relationships between Christians and Jews, and empowers Christians to learn like Jews have been learning for centuries. Our Israeli Jewish teachers know you are a Christian, and respect your identity and your faith. Root Source gives you access to world-class Jewish biblical teaching online, helping you learn deeper and reach higher in your Christian faith, with the opportunity to ask any question openly.

Our members are often surprised at how quickly they can learn deeper biblical truths from Orthodox Jewish teachings and directly and practically apply those teachings to their own Christian faith. Current and planned courses cover topics such as Jewish Prayer, Torah and Hebrew Scripture, Jewish Life, Hebrew Language, History of Israel, and Jewish interpretation of current events.

Check out our general FAQ and our For Pastors pages for further information.

Gidon Ariel
Founder and CEO

Gidon Ariel is the founder and CEO of Root Source, an organization dedicated to promoting respectful relationships between pro-Israel Christians and Jews. Our flagship program brings knowledgeable, authentic Israeli teachers and curious Christians together to study the Jewish texts and concepts that are foundational to their faith.

Gidon made Aliyah from Queens, NY when he was 14. He spent close to a decade in advanced Jewish studies institutes (Yeshivas) and the Israeli Army. After 20 years in the Tank Corps, today he is a reserve officer in the IDF Spokesperson’s office. A pioneer in Jewish-Christian relations, Gidon is a seasoned Hebrew and Judaism instructor and public speaker.

Gidon is also a delegate to the Central Committee (the Merkaz) of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud Party and ran for the Maale Adumim city council. He lives in Maale Hever, a suburb of Hebron in the West Bank, where he moved with his family in 2012.

Gidon is married to Devra and has five children and three grandsons.

Bob O’Dell
Co-Founder and Investor

Bob O’Dell is an entrepreneur and writer, a pro-Israel Christian with experience in many streams of the Christian faith.  He began working with Israeli Jews in 1988.  Then in 2000, he co-founded his own high-tech company — Wintegra — with one of those Israel Jews. 

In 2013 Bob left high-tech, turning his attention towards the Orthodox Jews of Israel. There, in 2014 he co-founded Root Source with Gidon Ariel. Root Source helps Christians explore the Jewish roots of their faith in relationship with the Orthodox Jews of Israel. 

In 2016, Bob and Gidon co-wrote a book on the Jubilee, and in 2019, along with others, helped found a new annual event for Christians — The Nations’ 9th of Av.

After five years of almost daily contact with Orthodox Jews, Bob began writing about his experiences. To that end, Bob and Gidon recently published Five Years with Orthodox Jews, a book that helps Christians learn How Connecting with God’s People Unlocks Understanding of God’s Word.