Who We Are

Executive Board Members


Ellie Ariel

Ellie was born in Jerusalem and grew up as an Orthodox Jew. She later spent time in the United States (primarily the Chicago area) and Berlin. She has recently completed her certificate in bookkeeping, specializing in salary calculation. Ellie spends a lot of time with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel James and is Gidon Ariel’s daughter:-)

Revis Daggett

I BELIEVE in the vision Gidon endeavors to fulfill, and I believe in Gidon himself! I am the wife of a rancher/ school teacher/ coach, and I a mother of three: Cole (18), Mason (24), and Brittney (25). I have three grands. I am a school teacher professionally (high school Spanish) and life-coach otherwise. I genuinely endeavor to live day-to-day and moment-by-moment according to the mandate given us in the Word of God. I am a God-fearing Christian who desires to better understand my Judeo-Christian heritage and those–the Jewish people–who sincerely walk with God, Abba. I am strongly bent on blessing Israel; and, in return, I am continually blessed, as the Word says. LET’S ROLL!!!!

Shelly Jones

Shelly is a follower of Jesus, mom, coffee drinker, nail polish slinger, and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. Through the teaching of her pastor and the Lord’s call she developed a heart for Israel, her people, and the language. Shelly appreciates and supports the work of Root Source. She loves to read, learn, and takes weekly Hebrew lessons. Shelly loves the deeper meaning of the letters, their structure, and their numbers.

Al McCarn

Albert J. McCarn retired from the US Army in 2012 after a long career as a Military Intelligence officer. His training in international relations and history served him well in 30 years of military and government service. Now he uses that experience in service to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Since 2016, Al has served as Executive Director of B’ney Yosef North America, an organization dedicated to helping bring about the final redemption of all Israel by promoting unity among the different segments of God’s covenant people. Al and his wife Charlayne live in Charlotte, North Carolina, along with their dog, Blue. They are blessed to be the parents of two daughters, two sons by marriage, and two grandchildren.

Dr. Dave Pitcher

Dr. Dave Pitcher was raised in a family that loved the Jewish people and even went to a Bar Mitzvah of a school buddy who also became an orthopaedic surgeon. Dave graduated in the charter class from Oral Roberts Medical School in 1982 and received his orthopaedic training at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu and his Musculoskeletal Tumor training at Massachusetts General Hospital. After his service in the US Army he practiced orthopaedic oncologic surgery at the University of New Mexico and then the University of Miami where he obtained the rank of Professor with about 70 publications. After retiring from orthopaedics he continued his lifelong love of Scripture and has discovered and written articles and books about the Pauline midrashim in the New Testament. He and his wife Pam live in Albuquerque and have two children and four grandchildren.

Ilan Pomeranc

Ilan Pomeranc is a third-generation hotelier and real estate developer with business and investments in the US and Israel.
Mr. Pomeranc has resided both in the US and in Israel. He attended Rutgers University of New Jersey, and was accepted to Tel Aviv University a year into his studies at Rutgers, but did not attend. Mr. Pomeranc completed his BA degree in Political Science and Hebraic Studies at Rutgers, and then entered the family business.
In 2007 Mr. Pomeranc returned to Israel, and went on to serve in the IDF. In addition to his business dealings and responsibilities,
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Executive Director

Gidon Ariel

Gidon Ariel is the founder and CEO of Root Source, an organization dedicated to promoting respectful relationships between pro-Israel Christians and Jews. Our flagship program brings knowledgeable, authentic Israeli teachers and curious Christians together to study the Jewish texts and concepts that are foundational to their faith. Gidon made Aliyah from Queens, NY when he was 14. He spent close to a decade in advanced Jewish studies institutes (Yeshivas) and the Israeli Army. After 20 years in the Tank Corps, today he is a reserve officer in the IDF Spokesperson’s office. A pioneer in Jewish-Christian relations, Gidon is a seasoned Hebrew and Judaism instructor and public speaker. Gidon is also a delegate to the Central Committee (the Merkaz) of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud Party. He lives in Maale Hever, a suburb of Hebron in the West Bank, where he moved with his family in 2012, and serves as his community’s representative on the regional council. Gidon is married to Devra and has five children and seven grandchildren.


Advisory Board

Alejandra Bistrian

Relationships with Jewish people are a blessing from above! I love learning from them and I love building godly friendships with God’s chosen people. I am originally from Colombia but my mother’s family is french. I am currently a Teacher at a private school in Dallas. We have two beautiful daughters Ilona (14) and Emma (11). My husband and I have a rain boot company called Roma Boots. We help children all over the world and provide them with proper footwear. We travel a lot due to our rain boot company so we had had the chance to experience many cultures all over the world, but our favorite culture is Israel! We currently live in Dallas but we have been several times to Israel. Our biggest dream is to one day be able to stay in Israel for a longer period to learn more from Torah, the Jewish culture and the Hebrew language.

Bob O'Dell

Bob O’Dell is an entrepreneur and writer, a pro-Israel Christian with experience in many streams of the Christian faith.  He began working with Israeli Jews in 1988.  Then in 2000, he co-founded his own high-tech company — Wintegra — with one of those Israel Jews.

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Trey Graham

Follower of Jesus, husband, father, pastor, lover of Israel.
Pastor Trey Graham is an author, speaker, radio host and Senior Pastor of First Melissa, one of the most dynamic churches in North Texas. His passion is to write, teach and preach the Word of God in a manner that demonstrates the love of God and exemplifies the grace of God to the people of God, inside and outside the Church of God. Trey attended West Point, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Trey served as a Field Artillery Officer in the United States Army. Pastor Graham is the host of “Faith Walk with Trey Graham” and “Smart Talk with Trey Graham” radio shows. Trey and his wife, Bretta, have six amazing children.The Grahams love the First Melissa church family and thank God for the opportunity to serve the Savior in this place.

Wendy Halloun

Wendy Halloun lives on Mount Carmel with her husband Sharbel and their four children. She is passionate about the Word of God and equipping others to be anchored in Scripture and flowing with the power of the Spirit. She is one of the founders of Carmel One: The Tabernacle of David on Mount Carmel, a place for all nations to come and worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Her book “Identity in Messiah” is an honest look at the contradictions of suffering and faith that believers face living in the temporary nature of this world while being designed for eternity.


Armando Rusty

Armando Rusty is the compliance officer for a multinational group based in Panama. He is in charge of anti money laundering and prevention of financing of terrorism programs for his current employer. His prior employers include a fast moving goods distributor and a top 4 multinational auditing and consulting company. He is married to Yeribhed and has three children. Read More

Galen Walters

I believe in the efforts being made for reconciliation of Jews and Christians to the best of our abilities, and where we are allowed to do so. I am a father, husband, author, creative entrepreneur, teacher, and friend. I like to have the opportunity to touch someone everyday and make a difference in their lives. I’m am Apostolic in belief, dedicated in practice, and diligent in purpose. My personal daily life mantra is to be creative, caring, measurable, authentic, and responsive. My goal is to touch as many people as I can and leave them with hope for tomorrow. As Max DePree says (paraphrased), tomorrow doesn’t have to be endured, it can be created. I believe that we can create the future and that we have a wonderful Creator. I not only believe it, I live it.


The truth is when you hear your heart start asking what’s my motivation?” and then you hear the answer with even a few more questions ….  “is this pleasing to You Lord? Is this the best way that I can show You that I love You with all my heart, mind, soul and strength? Is this Your will, Lord?”    I believe that real Christians ask these questions.   It’s my heart’s desire that Christians and Jews come together, and in particular to support the State of Israel, its land, and its people.

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