Raja wrote:
In your messages, you teach from old testament teaching and new testament teaching. New testament teaching is Jesus the Messiah.  But you don’t believe it.  Christians take up the cross and walk behind Jesus. But you don’t. Then why do you quote and teach from the New Testament?

Gidon responded:
Hi Raja, thanks for writing!

Some very small part of our teachings are done by Bob O’Dell, our Christian co-founder, and some other Christian teachers from time to time. They are invited to teach from the New Testament as they see fit.

Our Jewish teachers rarely quote the New Testament, but if and when they do, it is to drive home a point, usually not related to Jesus’ messiahship or divinity. Even if we would insinuate that, it would be as per the students’ perspective, not ours. We encourage Christians to deepen their faith, not renounce it.

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    Jews for Judaism have spoken favorably about neo-Ebionism. This is a Jewish perspective that Jesus/Yeshua was (and is) the Messiah of Israel but NOT God Himself. Thus it is possible to be a Jew in good standing who is “Messianic” in this sense.

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      Shalom HSB, thanks for writing!

      I see no mention of neo-Ebionism in relation to the organization Jews for Judaism, you might check your sources on that.

      Mainstream Judaism, including traditional Orthodox Judaism and even Conservative and Reform Judaism, do not recognize Jesus as Messiah in any way, at most he is quoted as a wise leader, but even that barely. This is the great divide between Judaism and Christianity as it has been from time immemorial, and the basis of Root Source and other related organizations is that in spite of this chasm, we can and must pursue ares that we have in common while respecting that which we differ upon.

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    Esa pregunta no tiene lógica. Ieshua vivio y enseñó el Tanaj, Sus seguidores también… ninguno dejó de ser judío por seguir a Ieshua para convertirse en Cristiano o lo que sea. Fueron los ‘padres de la iglesia’ los que desviarnos y falsificaron la verdad, algunos a propósito, otros por ignorancia falta de raíces y conocimiento judío y negligencia. Al analizar cuando se empezó tal o cual costumbre, se hace obvio. Nos falta amor a la verdad??

    That question has no logic.. Yeshua lived and taught the Tanakh, His followers also …. none of them stopped being Jewish for following Jesus to become a Christian or whatever.. It was the ‘fathers of the church’ who deviated and falsified the truth, some on purpose, others out of ignorance lacking roots and Jewish knowledge and neglect.. When analyzing when this or that custom began, it becomes obvious.. We lack love to the truth ??

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      Shalom Miriam, thanks for writing!

      I might have not understood your comment correctly (I used Google Translate to translate it into English) but I think the question was how can a non-Christian Jew teach from, thereby insinuating belief in, the New Testament? I think you are addressing the question of whether a believing Christian should study the Old Testament.

      In any case, I encourage everyone, Jews and Christians, to follow what their hearts lead them to, because God gave us a mind to think for ourselves, in spite of what others might say we should or shouldn’t think.

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    How can you encourage to deepen their faith when as Christians we believe that Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God .
    When you deny this , surely there is a massive contradiction here ?

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      Hi Sheila, thanks for writing! (Did you know that your name means “question” in Hebrew?:-)

      A very famous response to how Jews and Christians can cooperate is that when the Messiah comes, we will simply ask him if he’s been here before.

      I find that the tremendous mystery (I prefer that word over contradiction) is a challenge to us, to see if we can do the right things that are commanded to us even though there are some “wrong” things that we will not do that are related to them.

      I have Jewish friends who view my friendships with Christians in a very negative light; I know that My Christian friends similarly have Christian friends who cannot understand how a Christian can have a Jewish friend.

      But mostly I deal with Christians who are grateful for the Jewish perspective and insight I add to so many issues that they are happy to learn about. I have found that many of these teachings strengthen their Christian faith and beliefs, and I think that is a good thing.

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    yes Gidon I agree with your last comment- I am aware that we do not see eye to eye over the divinity of Jesus but I am grateful for your friendship towards Christians and it allows us the opportunity to gain much deeper insights into Judaism. I would love to meet up with you if/when I make it back to Israel…… and I have appreciated all the various teachings provided by the Root Source channels.

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    Thank you Mr Gidon Ariel for understanding Christian views and beliefs. As all of us anticipated the coming of Messiah , we will all see who He really is. But most of all we Christians really really love the land of Israel. Been there 2 years ago on a group church tour . Israel is soooo beautiful -The promise land indeed.!

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