Bob’s new video traces the origins of the recent wave of Palestinian Terrorist attacks to the Al Aqsa Mosque riot on September 13, 2015, (which was Elul 29, the last day of the previous Shemitah year), and connects them to the Jubilee Year that began only a few hours later.

He says God will bring something good out of the chaos during this Jubilee Year.

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9 thoughts on “Why This Terror?”

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    Hi Bob, thanks for your perspectives on the Jubilee Year, this is very encouraging, I knew that God was up to something, but I had no clue. God is Sovereign and His plans and purposes will be fulfilled! God bless

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    Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms; Jeremiah 51:20 KJV

    I have been watching Cutting Edge Ministries for some time, their material is well researched, they make accurate predictions (not prophecy) and they promote some excellent speakers.

    ‘Israel’s Prophesied Annihilation of the Palestinians’ – New DVD by David Bay – Cutting Edge…
    How many of you believe the Bible to be inerrant? How many of you believe all prophecy will be fulfilled to the letter? How many of you believe all End Times prophecy will be exactly fulfilled, even if it seems harsh or politically incorrect? Obadiah 15-18 foretells the annihilation by…

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    Shalom Bob,thank you for sharing your insight on the Jubilee year, as a Christian who loves Israel and the Jewish People it is difficult to see and read the aweful happenings for many of the Jewish people during this stabbing Interfada. One thing that brings me peace, is knowing that when I pray what I know by the Word is God’s will and that He hears my prayer, He will answer that prayer. This truth brings great comfort to my heart, and I am sure also to your’s and Gidon’s as well. It is wonderful to know that the Jewish People will receive back everything that has been stolen from them Hallelujah! God Bless.

    Carol Clifford

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      Hi Carol. You are right! The end result is certain that the Jewish people will receive back everything that has been stolen from them. Our current prayer is that something good might happen in the next 12 months! Blessings, Bob

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    Even though muslim Palestinians occupy the Temple Mount for ages, they cannot enjoy it and be a light and beaken to the world. Deep down they know they don’t belong there. Jerusalem is not even mentioned in the quran! However, it is not in their power to kindly hand it over to the legitimate owners. Collectively, they have to act like the cast-out-in-the-desert Ishmael, be grumpy and frustrated, and express themselves with outbursts of anger. They have to force their enemy to violently take it.

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      How sad but true! The Jews have a saying about the Palestinians, that they “never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity!”. Blessings, Bob.

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    Currently, there are two major trends that I am watching: A great war involving Israel and a great war involving America. Both seem to be at some sort of tipping point where it won’t take a lot to ignite great wars.

    There is some speculation that Isaiah 17 may come to pass soon – the destruction of Damascus. Could this happen in the Jubilee year? It just might. If Israel does end up being forced to use nuclear weapons against its neighbors, then what happens next?

    If Isaiah 17 does come to pass, then those in America should be worried. Some think that Isaiah 18 points to the coming destruction of America. It seems to reference a nuclear event involving Israel, and we are to pay attention to this.

    Interestingly, if Jews in America feel safer than Jews in Israel, that just might be entirely wrong.

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      Hi Matt. You raise excellent questions. We tried to deal with many of them in our book. What you have is two semi-conflicting patterns. The historical pattern of the Jubilee year involves conflict. But the historical pattern of the Blood Moons if you look at all the tetrads is that they do not signal war. When there is war it happens before, not after. Right now in the Jubilee year we are seeing conflict, but not war in Israel. Regarding the USA, we feel the USA is not safe, especially from acts of terror. This would definitely affect Jewish feelings about living in the USA. Regarding Isiah 17 and the destruction of Damascus — I totally agree with you (and Chuck Missler) that this is still ahead of us and looms ever closer. Blessings, Bob.

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