In this continuation of our exclusive Root Source interview with Yehuda Glick (see the first installment here), he shares his passion for the Temple Mount and tells his own story of how he came to be involved in the Temple Mount.

It is simply AWE INSPIRING to listen to this survivor of anĀ attempt on his life!

We have one more chapter coming up – watch this space!


12 thoughts on “Yehuda Glick Shares His Story And His Passion”

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    So, wonderful to see your progress. I love to hear you laugh. Have many pleasant days with your wife – listen to her instructions.

    Thank you HaShem for this wonderful man in our world.

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    vanessa burgess

    No greater love have a man than to lay down his life for a friend – being friends with God. Praying for you Yehuda that God will continue to heal you and use you.

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    Barbara Ferraro

    Rabbi Glick’s story was very interesting, and I know he will be greatly rewarded in heaven. Believe me, if I ever came to Israel, I am sure that I would join Rabbi Glick in wanting to pray on the Temple Mount, which actually is part of Israel, but I also believe that Muslims, Jews and Christians should all be praying there, each in their own way. We already know this is God’s ultimate goal, that all will be joined together as one family. God bless all who are working to achieve this, both you Gidon and Rabbi Glick and so many others

    Shalom and also Aloha from Hawaii..

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    Joyce Johnson

    Thank you Rabbi Yehuda, this is an amazing story of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob hiding you under the shadow of His wings, He has kept you alive for such a time as this. Each time I have listened to your testimony God’s goodness shines through. I too I’ve prayed for you when I head on various online Israel news you were shot on. Your job hasn’t finish as yet there is so much more for you to accomplish. Continue to keep close to HasHem, listen to His direction and obey Him!

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    Deborah Harrison

    I wish to endorse the comments from Joyce. We continue to add our best wishes and prayers to you from above.

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    Beautiful humble man. God keep you under the wing of His protection until the day you go home to Him. I pray you will succeed in bringing prayer to the Temple Mount.

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    Jews have been persecuted for centuries simply for being Jews in many instances. No exaggeration that anti-Semitism is one of the key excuses at the core of fascist terrorism in the 21st Century. My passion is for Jews and Christians to share the roots of our faith and the very Jewishness of Yeshua’s Gospel. Blessings

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