Course: Claire Pfann by Bob O’Dell

Bob O’Dell | Claire Pfann

Course: Claire Pfann

Teacher: Bob O’Dell

3 lessons

Series: Root Source Interviews

Published: March 20, 2017 | Revised: May 30, 2021

Root Source Interviews: Claire Pfann, Academic Dean of the University of the Holy Land. Claire has been in Israel since 1982 and with her husband Steve, got the vision to start a University that allows English speaking students all around the world to get a graduate degree in Israel with a flavor of the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith, with the very same professors as Hebrew University. How did it happen, and how well is it working? In the process of this interview, Claire brings up a topic that surprises Gidon Ariel. Gidon realizes something about the famous Jewish expression ’70 faces of the Torah’ that he never thought of before. He says he got goose-bumps during the interview. Learn more about The University of the Holy Land

Here are the lessons in the Claire Pfann course:

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