Series: Jewish History – Jewish Future by Rabbi Ken Spiro

Series: Jewish History – Jewish Future

This series includes 13 courses

Published: December 10, 2014 | Revised: March 1, 2024

The Root Source Jewish History – Jewish Future channel is one of the most popular channels we offer.

This channel will help you understand both the past and the future of the Jews. It is taught by Ken Spiro, one of the most experienced and admired Jewish teachers in all of Israel. He is also a very nice guy and loves to get and respond to your feedback in the comments.

This channel opens with a Week One interview of Ken Spiro in his own home.

Then in Week Two it shifts to uncover the divinely inspired context of Israel’s history with an exciting, fast-paced four-part series entitled The Seven Wonders of Jewish History.

Next the channel shifts to the future, with a 4-week series called The Edge of History which explains the Jewish view of End Times prophecy. The Jewish view of the End Times is one of the least understood, yet most interesting topics to many Christians.

The channel’s next course is called World Perfect: The Jewish impact on civilizatiion. Think you already understand that impact? Think again!

The channels’ next course is called Why the Jews? Ken has been teaching in Israel for 2 decades years and reveals these topics like nobody else!

Next we go to Ken’s home and interview him face to face as he gives us his perspective of how Jews perceive Christians, and stories of his visits to Christian homes and churches in America.

His next course is Driven. In this course he expounds on the enigma of Jewish soul.

His next course is In God we Trust.  It explains the impact Judaism has had on modern, political thought and how it continues to impact the world today.

His next course is A Nation Dwells Alone. Here gives a deeper insight as to why Israel is continually persecuted by other nations.

The next course to become available on his channel is Jewish Conceptions of the Messiah. He explains what the Jews are looking for in the Messiah.

His next course is Jewish Paganism and Multiculturalism.

Sign up for Root Source channel today and select his channel as one of your channel selections, and begin to receive all this exciting courses, one after the other in sequence. This is material you will not hear anywhere else.

Ken makes his topics come alive with his naturally energetic style. Already a favorite among Israeli Jews for decades, he is now becoming a favorite among Christians through Root Source. Root Source is delighted to feature this world-class Israeli teacher with material he has recording specifically for Christians.

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It is a labor of love to create these Lessons!!!
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